Call for 2018 NEFC Awards


2018 NEFC Lifetime Achievement Award

Each year NEFC recognizes an individual who has contributed to education and the funding of education for a lifetime. This recognition is intended to applaud the efforts of individuals who devote their professional career and energy to funding education for all learners.

    ♦ Presentation of a plaque in a plenary session of the NEFA Conference
    ♦ Opportunity to present in a breakout paper session

    ♦ Submit an electronic letter of recommendation.
    ♦ Provide current contact information.

Email nominations by January 5, 2018 to the Committee Chair:

Dr. R. Craig Wood, Professor, University of Florida at 


2018 Outstanding Dissertation Award

The National Education Finance Conference (NEFC) invites nominations from either chairs or members of dissertation committees for the NEFC Outstanding Dissertation Award. To be eligible, candidates will have defended their dissertation successfully and received their degree between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017. The winner will be presented with a plaque at the NEFC conference and will present the results of their research at a conference session. The winner’s conference registration fee will also be waived.

Nominations will be accepted exclusively by email with the deadline of January 5, 2018. The email nomination must be accompanied by a digital copy of the dissertation as an attachment. Please email nominations, as well as requests for further information, to:

Dr. William Owings, Professor, Old Dominion University at 


2018 Journal of Education Finance Award

The National Education Finance Conference will award the Journal of Education Finance Award to the outstanding article published in Volumes 42-3, 42-4, 43-1, and 43-2. All papers published in these editions of JEF will be reviewed by the JEF Award Committee.

Dr. Robert Knoepple, Professor, Clemson University at