NEFA is pleased to host the 6th Annual State of the States Round Table.  Proposals are now being accepted.


State of the States Round Table – NEFC
Tulsa, Oklahoma
April 4 – 8, 2018

State of the States Committee Co-Chairs:
Dr. Brittany Larkin
Dr. Spencer Weiler

To ensure the round table experience is beneficial to all participants steps have been taken to create a template that focuses discussion points around four specific areas. Participants are encouraged to structure submissions around these four discussion points. Submissions should be limited to a strict two-page maximum. State of the State responses should focus primarily upon 2018 budgets and actions.

   1. Funding Priorities for P-12 and/or Higher Education.

   2. Changes to Funding Formula for P-12 and/or Higher Education.

   3. Pressing State Issues Affecting P-12 and/or Higher Education Funding.

   4. Exclusive to P-12: Forces Diverting Funds from Traditional Public School Districts
       and/or Exclusive to Higher Education: Trends in State Funding for Public Institutions.
Please include the following short answers in the State of the State summary:

   – P-12 Per-pupil expenditure (just a figure)

   – Allocation of State dollars and percent of the State Budget for P-12 and HE
      (just a figure and percentage)

On the day of the round table, participants will be divided into small regional groups to ensure all have an opportunity to share what has been prepared around these four discussion points. In addition, Drs. Larkin and Weiler will provide a summative assessment related to observable trends from all of the submissions. Presenters are encouraged to bring 10 hard copies of their two-page document to share with others. In addition, steps will be taken to provide all attendees of NEFC 2018 with electronic access to all submissions.

To participate in NEFC’s State of the States, please send a request for your state of preference to The committee will confirm that the state of your choice is still available, or will suggest another state. Presenters residing in the state of their choice will be given preference. Final reports (using the guidelines above) should be submitted by February 1st, 2018.