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NEFC 2015 Workshops:

1. Teaching School Finance in Online Environments

Chair: Carlee Escue-Simon, University of Cincinnati

Many educational leadership programs are transitioning to online or blended models for course delivery.  This workshop will focus on instructional design, pedagogy, and course management in order to provide a quality experience for our students studying school funding.  The intent of this workshop is to have a collaborative environment for sharing best practices, creative technology solutions, ELCC accreditation concerns, and problem-solving approaches. Please come willing to share your experiences.  Laptops are encouraged.

 2. Education Finance Litigation

Chair: Lisa Driscoll, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

The popular annual workshop draws attorneys, expert witnesses, and researchers who share their experiences in recent court cases challenging the financing of public education across America.   This interactive workshop focuses on how to prepare for litigation, the trial experience, and the results of these cases. Among the panelists will be Lynn Moak of Moak, Casey & Associates, Anthony Rolle of the University of Houston, and Craig Wood of the University of Florida.

NEFC Mission

The Mission of the National Education Finance Conference (NEFC) is to provide a forum truly focused on education finance to enhance education for both young and adult learners.  The Conference provides a venue for collaboration among legislators, postsecondary education, school district and state agency personnel, professional organizations, and researchers concerned with the importance of equity, adequacy, and efficiency concepts that affect state, local, and federal revenue generation, distribution, and expenditures.



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