Request for Proposal


The 13th Annual Conference of the National Education Finance Academy will be held April 5-8, 2023. We invite scholars, students, policymakers, and practitioners in the fields of P-12 education finance, higher education finance, economics of education, education law, and educational policy to join us in Indianapolis, Indiana to engage in discussions about research, policy, and practice.

Participants are invited to submit proposals for the following session types:


A paper submission is an individual paper with one or more authors. These sessions are intended for reporting research results or analyzing issues of policy and practice related to educational finance. The proposal summary should include a statement of purpose, theoretical framework, findings, and conclusions. For research reports, also describe data sources and methods.


A symposium provides an opportunity to examine specific research issues, problems, or topics from a variety of perspectives. Symposia may present alternative solutions, interpretations, or contrasting points of view on a specified subject or in relation to a common theme. Symposia may also use a panel discussion format targeted at a clearly delineated research issue or idea. Symposia may be quite interactive where a large portion of the session may be devoted to activities such as discussion among the presenters and discussants, questions and discussion among all those present at the session, or small-group interaction.


These sessions are intended to stimulate informal, lively discussions around topics of interest in the field of education finance. The roundtable session format allows maximum interaction with the presenters by eliminating the formal presentation format.  Papers accepted for a roundtable session will be grouped by the program chair into tables with three to five papers per table clustered around shared interests.  Each roundtable will have a designated chair who is knowledgeable about the research area to facilitate interaction and participation. The proposal should include an overview of the presentation, the concept/ideas to be discussed, context as discussed in the literature, structure of participant interaction, outline of questions to be addressed, and implication for the profession.


A workshop provides an opportunity to exchange information or work on a common problem, project, or shared interest. Presentations are brief, allowing adequate time for reflective discussion and interaction. The workshop format is designed for sessions that provide information relevant to the research on education finance and are specifically geared toward practitioners (e.g., obtaining research funding, translating policy into practice, building school and district budgets to promote equity, building higher education budgets that promote access, or other areas of interest to our participants). Workshop submissions are expected to include a chair.


The deadline to submit proposals for the 13th Annual Conference of the National Education Finance Academy is February 5, 2023. Proposals will be submitted electronically at All proposals will be reviewed using blind review by members of the Conference Planning Committee.  All presenting authors of accepted papers and all participants in accepted sessions (including session facilitators) are required to register for and attend (in-person or virtually) the Annual Conference and to be present at the scheduled sessions. Submission is a commitment to attend the conference in Tampa. Participants will be notified of acceptance by February 15, 2023.

Scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and graduate students interested in educational finance issues are invited to participate in the 2023 Annual Conference of the National Education Finance Academy by submitting paper proposals centered around the theme.